Selling a World

Alumnus Steven Maes (’00 BUS) created iconic graphics for ‘Breaking Bad’ — and many more movies and TV shows

Cultivating Cultural Intelligence in AI

AIUNM alumna Davar Ardalan’s company IVOW AI aims to put cultural literacy in artificial intelligence…

Face Masks, Pivots and Zoom

How UNM adapted to the oddest of academic years…

Wiping Out SARS-CoV-2

UNM team invents antimicrobial polymers that neutralize the coronavirus…

Better Diagnosis – With Help From AI

UNM graduates develop biomedical devices with an eye to earlier diagnosis of diabetes complications

Mirage Magazine

Spring 2021

In the Year of Coronavirus, sometimes time stands still and other times, one can marvel that we’ve been at this for over a year. We didn’t know if we could do it, but we did. As the one-year anniversary of this weirdness came and went, we’re still doing it and preparing to return to what we hope is a normal life. In addition to profiles of some especially inspiring alumni in this issue — a Breaking Bad creative genius and AI trailblazer  — we’ll introduce you to some students and faculty members who adapted to, and in some cases thrived, in this new online academic world. This is the first issue that we are publishing online only. That means you will not receive this in printed form in the mail but can read the print facsimile on the e-reader you’re most comfortable using — swiping to turn pages and accessing the magazine in its familiar form.


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