Creating a Home for the Arts

UNM’s second-largest college is poised to move onto Central Avenue…

Anne Hillerman Carries On a Family Tradition

UNM Alum expands her father’s literary legacy…

In a Place Where We Can Celebrate

Diné filmaker Shaandiin Tome turns her lens to native people…

Know What You Want and Persevere

Triple alumna followed her dream from Vietnam to a doctor of nursing…

Probing the Centaurs

NASA’s newly employed James Webb Space Telescope is reaching ever deeper…

Mirage Magazine

Spring 2023

The UNM Alumni Association is proud to present our Spring/Summer 2023 issue of Mirage Magazine. This issue of Mirage features some of UNM’S newest directors, including Yolanda Sanchez, Ph.D., a pioneer in cancer research, who has been named director and CEO of The University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Donna Riley, the head of the Purdue University School of Engineering, who joined UNM as dean of the School of Engineering in April.

Learn about the amazing research UNM’s Department of Linguistics and Lobo Language Acquisition Lab are doing to document Indigenous language developments from young native speakers. Hear from President Stokes on her three-year renewal and what great plans she has for UNM’s future.



Showing Pride

Late last fall, my daughter and her friend joined me at a UNM Alumni event at Hodgin Hall...

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