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From the Veep: United and Connected

Jun 4, 2023 | Alumni Executive Director Letter, Letters, Spring 2023

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As we near high school graduation season, we come across a lot of soon-to-be high school graduates speaking about the colleges and universities all over the U.S. that they’re interested in attending in the fall. Much to our happiness, we hear them speaking about UNM and what draws them in to our University. It’s always a great moment to share the many benefits that come with attending UNM as a New Mexican high school graduate — such as having to pay very little, to none, for their tuition; the diverse programs we offer for all students, and the vibrant environment we evoke on our campus.

Through my travels I have gotten to experience and talk about the amazing things that make our University so special and a wonderful memory in people’s minds. At UNM, we offer the tools and resources for students from all walks of life to thrive on our campus and in our classes. We have scholarships like the Opportunity Scholarship that covers the tuition of all New Mexican high school students who go straight into an New Mexico college. UNM has structurally grown more in the past 10 years than it has since its conception in 1889, with the expansion of our hospital, creating more focused and specialized areas. In addition, we have an upcoming multimillion-dollar center for the collaborative arts, as UNM prepares to build a new Fine Arts building. Getting to share this information with potential new Lobos and show them what we offer, is such an incredible experience.

As Alumni we have ownership over this University, and as the owners we get to support and maintain the value of the degrees we earned here. It’s the Lobo Pack that unites us, our traditions and heritage and keeps us connected all over the world.

Connie Beimer (’76 BA, ’79 MPA)
Vice President for Alumni Relations, UNM
Executive Director, UNM Alumni Association

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